Pure Progess: Affordable, Sustainable Wastewater in Apac


Acqua Engineering & Technical Services
(for Taiyo Yuden Plant)


Cebu, Philippines

Project Type

Electronics Manufacturing Industrial Wastewater




12 m3/h (288 m3/day)




Acqua Engineering And Technical Services, an approved vendor of Taiyo Yuden, a large Japanese semiconductor company, awarded ROTEC a project at Taiyo Yuden industrial wastewater plant in Cebu, Philippines.

Acqua Engineering And Technical Services provides technology innovations to various clients in terms of water management and operational cost savings.  The company specializes in quality services with the ability to solve complex engineering challenges and achieve sustainable results effectively and efficiently.

ROTEC was selected due to the trust in the company’s abilities and the success of the advanced Flow Reversal Reverse Osmosis (FR-RO) technology.

The Need

Taiyo Yuden industrial plant needed to remove Nickel and enhance the quality of the water to meet strict regulations.

The solution provided to Taiyo Yuden in Cebu is a turnkey project – from design, through construction and then commissioning – which was completed at the end of 2022.

The Process

ROTEC implemented a unique configuration of cutting-edge technology for the wastewater treatment process which comprises 3 phases:

  1. The industrial water is transferred to a reactor container, where part of the Nickel precipitates, and part of it undergoes UF filtration and is removed from the solution.
  2. The water then undergoes Active Carbon Filtration to protect the RO system by precisely removing materials dissolved in the water.
  3. Reverse Osmosis desalination then takes place based on ROTEC’s proprietary FR-RO technology

The systems were built in Israel and in China to lower costs while meeting high-quality standards.

High Quality, Affordable and Sustainable

We are proud to have been selected to deliver the overall solution for the project phases of this new plant, including pretreatment, two RO units and post-treatment.

The customer utilizes the FR-RO technology to treat the contaminated wastewater and enhance the quality of the plant’s products, providing clean, high-quality industrial wastewater in an affordable and sustainable way.