Our experienced team of water specialists leverages their skills, expertise, and out-the-box boutique approach to deliver the most robust and cost-effective solution on the market.
Dr. Noam Perlmuter
Chief Executive Officer
Noam has been the CEO of Rotec since 2009. He brings over 20 years’ experience in various aspects of the global water treatment industry; sales and marketing, business development, project management, entrepreneurship and leading R&D - from idea to product.
Dr. Perlmuter holds a B.Sc. in Biology, an M.Sc in Ecology and Environmental Quality and a Ph.D. in Eco-toxicology, all from the Life Sciences Faculty at Tel-Aviv University.
Motto: Go all the way to success…
Hobbies: Nature lover – plant breeding, sea, wildlife and sight-seeing with the family
Dan Peled
Dan has worked at Rotec for the past 9 years in the treatment of challenging water sources, utilizing various technologies, especially desalination. During this time, he was involved in projects which greatly increased the productivity of desalination plants. Each project involved learning new skills and adapting the engineering design – using a mixture of engineering science and art to provide the most elegant solution. Dan brings a process engineers’ approach to projects, control designer’s view of the process, operator’s experience in the project startup and R&D engineer’s view of project follow-up and optimization. Dan holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel.
Motto: Great minds think alike
Hobbies: Reading, whenever I have free time…
Omer Michaeli
As Chief of Operations in ROTEC, Omer is responsible for engineering design standards, and project management. Omer brings over 10 years’ experience in the water and wastewater technology industry. Prior to working at ROTEC, he held positions such as Project Manager, Senior Process Engineer, Process Manager and Product Manager at Applied Cleantech, Emefcy, RWL Water and Fluence. He has designed large scale water treatment and RO plants in Africa, South America, Central America and Asia. Omer has managed process teams at RWL Water and Fluence as well as an SWRO plants production line. Omer holds a BSc. in Environmental Engineering from the Technion, Israel.
Motto: Go to bed with a dream, wake up with a purpose
Hobbies: Music and hiking in nature – usually at the same time!
Tomer Osman
Head of Pre-Sales
Tomer is a Process Engineer, with over 5 years’ experience in water treatment projects around the globe; from the pre-sales phase to detailed process design, project management, R&D, commissioning management, and post-sales activities. Prior to ROTEC, Tomer was a Process Engineer at GES, where he specialized in water desalination technology.
Tomer holds a B.Sc. in Water Industries Engineering (cum laude) from the School of Engineering at Kinneret Academic College in Israel.
Motto: "Live it up"
Hobbies: Travel the world, exploring new places & cultures