ROTEC Presents the Flow Reversal Technology at GWS 2023

During the Global Water Summit held in Berlin between 08-10 May 2023, and as part of the ‘12 Technologies for Industrial Reuse’ session, Boaz ShitzerCEO ROTEC, spoke about ‘how to increase municipal & industrial wastewater reuse efficiently using Flow Reversal technology’.

Here is just a taste of some highlight case studies presented, out of the 55 installations worldwide:

Jinma Energy Industrial Plant, China

Recovery rate was increased from 67% to~ 90%, maintaining stable performance in one of the plants with the most challenging feed water conditions – highly contaminated coking wastewater with high COD and Sulphates. Thanks to ROTEC’s Flow Reversal and Brine Concentrator, industrial waste and brine were minimized.

PUB, Hybrid Municipal & Industrial Plant Retrofit, Singapore

Recovery rate was increased from 75% to 90% retrofitting a conventional 2 staged BWRO plant built by Veolia, resulting in increased permeate, reduced brine and chemicals and shortened plant shutdown events.

Arcadia, Santa Monica Hybrid Municipal & Industrial Retrofit, US

Using the Flow Reversal (FR-RO) technology’s smart design, enables the city of Santa Monica to increase the RR from 82% to 90-91%, and maximize the water production without increasing the plant’s footprint (minimizing the need for additional permits and approvals). It also reduces energy and chemicals resulting in sustainability and self-sufficiency.