H2O Innovation Teams up with rotec to tackle the biofuels market

H2O Innovation Inc. announced a landmark cooperation framework agreement to work with ROTEC’s proprietary desalination Flow Reversal Reverse Osmosis (FR-RO) technology in the North American biofuels sector.

ROTEC offers FR-RO innovation renowned for its ultra-high recovery rates, maintaining stable operation and enhancing performance, increasing reuse while saving water, brine and costs.
This technology, compatible with new and existing reverse osmosis

(RO) plants, optimizes product water capacity by periodically reversing flow direction in RO pressure vessel arrays. Notably, ROTEC’s patented approach significantly reduces membrane fouling and scaling issues, cutting down cleaning-in-place procedures and enhancing efficiency, environmental impact, and sustainability.

This collaboration, initiated at GWS 2023, paves the way for expanding water and wastewater treatment projects across North America.

The inauguration of this partnership was commemorated during the GWS 2024 Event in London, UK, opening new horizons and mutual opportunities.

Frédéric Dugré, President and CEO of H2O Innovation, remarks on the significance of this partnership, citing the technology’s potential to revolutionize water treatment in the biofuels industry.

Bruce Alderman, CEO of ROTEC USA, highlights the tailored solutions H2O Innovation brings to diverse markets, foreseeing enhanced water resilience and efficiency across industries.