September 28, 2009, Published by (Article in English).

Traditionally, if you are in a water-poor region that has access to desalination technology and seawater, you were in luck. Israeli cleantechnology company ROTEC has developed a reverse osmosis system designed to remove salts from brackish groundwater. In other words, nowhere near the sea.

September 15, 2009, Published by ISRAEL21c Innovation news service (Article in English).

A new Israeli technology for desalination is the centrepiece of a NATO grant that promotes collaboration between Israel and Jordan and could save water and energy across the globe.

August 20, 2009,  Published by water and wastewater (Article in English).

New York, NY -- Researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev are developing technology to scale up a novel method for achieving very high recoveries in desalination by reverse osmosis to be used in a Jordanian desalinization plant.

August 18, 2009,  Published by the Jerusalem Post (Article in English).

Ben-Gurion University scientists are tackling two of the Middle East's biggest issues in one go: peace and the environment. They have received grants to develop new desalination technology that is faster and cheaper than conventional ways of cleaning dirty groundwater.

August 18, 2009,  Published by Cleantech Group (Article in English).

New startup ROTEC plans to commercialize the technology out of Ben-Gurion University that promises a faster, cheaper method of reverse-osmosis desalination to clean dirty groundwater.